You have got your break fee. Now what?

Because your mortgage is statistically likely to be your biggest household expense. Improving your mortgage structures and lowering your rates can be the quickest and most significant ways to improve your financial future.

Every single day you have the option to break your fixed term mortgage rate agreements and restructure, refix or refinance. But is it worth it? 

How do you decide whether to keep them as-is or to change them?

To decide using numbers and award-winning mortgage advisers who will advise you for free. Use the team. To get started there are three options:

  1. send through this form and you’ll get a break and refix spreadsheet summary prepared for you.
  2. to discover your mortgage options, use our online mortgage calculator (it takes 90 seconds).
  3. email Andrew Malcolm your loan details and what you want to do.

Remember that usually we only break and refix if there is a good reason or strong secondary motivators. Let us understand your short and long term financial goals with regards to your mortgages and property, and we will see if this strategy makes sense for you or if it’s not worth your time.  

Meet iRefi Limited.

iRefi was founded in 2015, to provide high-quality mortgage advice enabling kiwis to save money on their mortgage and position themselves for wealth growth via property. It is a privately owned Limited Liability company with three shareholders and 20+ staff. Blandon Leung and Brandon Lipman are the two most senior advisers, both of whom are top 10 mortgage advisers in New Zealand as judged by industry body, NZ Adviser.

iRefi Limited is a registered financial services provider (FSP463846).

Address: 1 Ara-Tai Road, Half Moon Bay, Auckland, 2012.

Fees & Lenders

Typically our service is free to you, as we get paid by the bank. We are accredited to work with almost all banks in NZ (the aussie and kiwi owned ones) including some chinese banks too. We also work with many non-bank lenders. . 

If your situation requires a non-bank lender, there will be a fee that is payable by you. This is sometimes capitalised into your mortgage avoiding any upfront cash costs. We are accredited to work with non-bank lenders including; Liberty Finance, Cressida Capital, Bluestone Mortgages, First Mortgage Trust, Basecorp Finance, Avanti Finance, Resimac Home Loans, Merchant Banking Group, NZCU, Southern Cross Partners and more.