Yang Zeng

Settlement Specialist

Yang is hardworking, dedicated and often stays after hours to get the job done. She first started in the banking industry working in one of China’s big banks. Her roles varying from personal, international, corporate and institutional banking. Yang is currently proud to be a iRefier, working on getting her clients better interest rates, cash backs, the best restructuring and to reach their financial goals.

Since the day Yang joined iRefi she has been so amazed by the uplifting, inspirational and welcoming vibes, it has been a strong motivator for her to become a better version of herself. She is keen on assisting you with multiple borrowing needs, processing your mortgage applications, and formatting mortgage recommendations fit for you. She takes great pride in doing the best work possible and exceeding expectations.

She’s particularly eager to help immigrants like herself to buy their new home and build their property portfolio in New Zealand.

Testimonials From Clients