Fraser Hardy

Settlement Specialist

Fraser, an avid reader and movie buff. Spent many a weekend out exploring the UK’s Lake District or New Zealand’s beaches with family as a kid – so he is always interested in an outdoors adventure and travelling. Born and raised as a wee lad from the UK, his claim to fame so far is that he’s ridden on the genuine Hogwarts Express in the same cabin they filmed the Harry Potter films. Although it was disappointing there was a lack of chocolate frogs.

Fraser is a firm believer in ongoing education, and that you can learn something every day. Joining iRefi for him was not only about having a job with great colleagues – it was a step into unfamiliar territory with the possibility of learning a whole new industry from which he could develop skills he never thought he’d find interest in. Because of this, he intends to return to university at some point in life and achieve his Masters degree in Criminology & Psychology.

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