Dylan Brooks

Client Support

I found the team at iRefi was like a second college experience for me. I was mentored here and greatly appreciate the mentorship from Blandon and the team who taught me the industry from the bottom up. I started in a background part-time role where I was requesting docs and following up bankers. I have ‘grown-up’ at iRefi, I have rotated through the business learning all I could from servicing teams, settlement teams and customer-facing adviser teams.

My parents used to own property but they do not anymore. I remember as a kid finding out our home was a leaky building, and being unsure about everything that was going on. Eventually, we moved out. Now I look back and wonder what other options we had – and what we could have done differently. This experience had a huge impact on my life and it motivates me to help people buy their first home, or manage their life to see them keep their homes. I enjoy helping other people not make the same mistakes that affected me. In my evenings and weekends, I love to unplug from finances and plug into my guitar or keyboard to make music.

The most challenging part of the job is that it requires effective collaboration, I can’t get a great result without you, and customers struggle to get a great result without the independent expert advice I provide. Like any team, each party needs to come to the party. Me being me is that I get emotionally involved with my clients, this leads to huge highs but can also lead to some lows when we don’t get the result we were fighting for.

A favourite story of mine was a client who had a lot of unsecured debt, we worked very very hard to get a large debt consolidation across the line – but her bank declined. It was a difficult deal because she was in her 60s, she earned her income from overseas as a self-employed contractor. In the end, we backed right up, talked to her accountant – had some proposed accounts prepared and then got it through with ANZ on some great rates. She walked away saving thousands of dollars every month. As she was in her 60s every dollar saved will have a big impact on her quality of life as she prepares to and retires. I can’t help but go home after a day like that feeling great.

There was a similar debt consolidation deal where I was helping a family who wanted to extend their home, it was a great looking renovation. Again though, they had some trouble with bad account conduct and some unsecured loans. Luckily we pulled everything together and got a conditional approval. Then Christmas came and went, we got back to work in January and I called them up to help work through the conditions. I got quite a surprise when they dropped on me they had purchased a $60,000 ute with a loan. Suddenly their conditional approval disappeared. We worked through a huge list of lenders and calculators but there was nothing we could do. I can’t help but go home after a day like that feeling down. The tough part is if we had been involved earlier perhaps they would have sorted their debt problems years earlier and then would have been able to achieve a great thing for their kids.

But that is the power of our industry, it moves peoples lives so dramatically it is exciting and a privilege to help people build their financial future. I love it.

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