Blandon Leung

Director & Senior Adviser

Blandon has worked in the mortgage and insurance industry for over 5 years. He has been helping hundreds of families with their financial goals and plan for transactions in the future. Blandon and his wife own property in Mt Wellington and have demonstrated how renovations can add a lot of equity quickly. His knowledge of the Auckland property market is extensive and his real estate connections help connect clients with agents to buy and settle property transactions quickly.

Blandon is passionate about getting clients the best rates on their mortgages and finding a solution that works for them. “It all started when I asked this myself: How can this couple with ordinary jobs in their early 30’s be able to own 6 properties when my own parents are still paying off their first mortgage in their 50’s?”

He found out it simply came down to 2 distinctive differences between them:
1) Their perception on debt
2) How they managed it.

After learning this, Blandon became passionate about sharing these concepts with as many people as possible. Blandon speaks mandarin and cantonese, is married, and enjoys playing his guitar for the church band (and some singing when he is allowed).

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