Mortgage Minute – Why Smart Investors use Mortgage Brokers


Why Smart Investors use Mortgage Brokers

Is it worth it using a mortgage broker? Well, firstly what you’ve got to ask yourself is, “Can I afford the time and energy it takes to walk into all of the different bank branches to make sure that I’m getting really good advice and the best deal? And then do I want to firstly, get the lowest interest rates, maximize my cash back, get really good advice and over the next, you know, future of my mortgage, whether that’s 5, 10, or 30 years, do I want help with rate negotiations and advice on all the different bank products available to help me pay my mortgages off faster?”

Because what the banks are really awesome at is lending you money, and setting you up with online banking and things like that. Where they sometimes are not properly set up is to always act in your best interests. If you want to do something and your bank can’t do it, what the bank is not going to say is, “Actually, my competitor next door, they can do it.”

And when you work with a mortgage advisor, especially one that’s free, they’re going to match you with the right bank and the right product.