Keep more money in your pocket every month with advanced mortgage management.

Everywhere you look there is financial advice. Some people say don’t worry and go out and buy coffee and lunch every day, others say it’s the cafe and the meals out that is costing you. In reality for most kiwis, their largest monthly expense is their mortgage and focusing on this alone with move the needle the most. 

What would happen if instead of wasting stress and time solving tiny problems, you invested time into solving your biggest problems?

When we look at our data typically customers are on track to pay off their mortgage 2-3 years earlier by using our management strategies and negotiated interest rates versus their situation before talking to us. This is factoring in only one property and most of our clients are property investors with ambition to build bigger portfolios. 

Take a moment to work out how much your mortgage costs you every year. (If it is $500,000 it is around $27,000 in interest repayments not factoring the principal).

Just imagine if you had two years worth of mortgage payments in your bank account as cold hard cash because you’ve paid your mortgage off two years ahead of schedule.

How would that feel? Let’s just focus on the next 5 years for a minute. How about a free trip to Fiji with your better half or a good friend? This would be paid for by the smart mortgage hacks we suggest. 

If you like that feeling. Talk to us, invest some time. Let us get you on track.

To start the conversation, take the snapshot – then one of our advisers will be in touch for an initial review.

Meet iRefi Limited. was founded in 2015, to provide high-quality mortgage advice enabling kiwis to save money on their mortgage and position themselves for wealth growth via property. It is a privately owned Limited Liability company with three shareholders and 20+ staff. Blandon Leung is the senior adviser, a top 10 mortgage adviser in New Zealand as judged by industry body, NZ Adviser. You can see the whole team here.

iRefi Limited is a registered financial services provider (FSP463846).

Address: 1 Ara-Tai Road, Half Moon Bay, Auckland, 2012.

Fees & Lenders

Typically our service is free to you, as we get paid by the bank. We are accredited to work with almost all banks in NZ (the aussie and kiwi owned ones) including some chinese banks too. We also work with many non-bank lenders. . 

If your situation requires a non-bank lender, there will be a fee that is payable by you. This is sometimes capitalised into your mortgage avoiding any upfront cash costs. We are accredited to work with non-bank lenders including; Liberty Finance, Cressida Capital, Bluestone Mortgages, First Mortgage Trust, Basecorp Finance, Avanti Finance, Resimac Home Loans, Merchant Banking Group, NZCU, Southern Cross Partners and more.