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Find out a complete picture of the costs and benefits of switching bank


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Break Cost

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Savings Summary on Lending

Interest Savings


Cash Back


Break Costs


Valuation Costs


Legal Costs


Net Switching Costs

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Net Savings:

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Breakdown of Loan Payments

Current Loan Structure

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% Paying Interest

Proposed Loan Structure

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% Paying Interest

By refinancing or refixing, you will pay off more of your loan principal by than with your current loan structure.

You will also save approximately on interest each month, for the first months.

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We will always aim to negotiate you the best deal from your existing bank first. In a situation where you move bank, the "legal fee" covers the cost of having a solicitor prepare the documents for the new bank.
All break fees and legal costs are added onto the mortgage i.e. you don't need this as cash on hand.

These are just estimates and are not confirmed.

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