How much can I borrow?

Tell us about your income and expenses and use our calculator to see what you could afford to borrow.

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Borrowing Calculator

This calculator shows you how your income and expenses affects the amount of money a bank will be willing to lend you.

How to use this calculator

Please enter your income after tax and select the term of the loan you would like.

Childeren/dependants is anyone under 18 that you are financially responsible for.

Adults is anyone over 18 who is financially dependant or contributing.

Hire purchases are any items that are being paid off using store credit, such as a home appliance or car.

Child support covers any payments you are legally obliged to make for a child/dependant.

Other loans are debts like credit cards and personal loans.

Fixed expenses will be any repeating payment you must make such as a gym membership.


You may be able to borrow up to $252,987

Monthly Repayments $1,630

*Calculations are based on the interest rate(s) selected being constant for the entire term of the loan(s).The information collected in this calculator will be passed between calculators and our home loan application form for your convenience, but will not be stored once this browser session is completed.