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We work with all banks in NZ and have options with many non-bank lenders. If you are looking to buy your first property now or are just curious, the mortgage snapshot takes 60-90 seconds and will be a great indicator to start with.


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There are three common problems in the property market:

  • if you can’t get approved at your bank, many people think they can’t get approved at any bank.
  • mortgage applications are horrible time-consuming forms.
  • banks do not always offer their best interest rates right off the bat.

Let’s address these one at a time:

Don’t just go to one bank.

Bank’s pay us (mortgage advisers) so our service is free to you (our clients). They pay us to bring them clients who have been qualified and selected for the products they offer. Each bank offers different products, and have different mathematical formulas to determine how much they would lend you. When you talk to us about your situation we will ‘workshop’ or simulate an application to over 5 banks and non-bank lenders to determine the best fit for you, taking into your goals. Perhaps you are motivated to max out your borrowing power, or structure a mortgage to pay it off as soon as possible – these are the conversations we have every day. You don’t need to navigate this alone, get in touch.

Forms. Forms. Forms.

We use a state of the art mortgage application process. After completing the snapshot you will be given the option to complete the full client profile. This becomes your future application if you want to go ahead and apply for a mortgage at any bank. This is an online tool that makes it easy! We also have an online tool to automatically import your bank statement information – saving you from manually exporting and printings PDFs. Don’t do things like it is 2009, it’s 2019!

Everything in life is sales.

iRefi.co.nz was founded in 2015, we have a team of over 20. We have two mortgage advisers who are in the ‘top ten’ as declared by our industry organisation NZ Adviser. This means as a company we see millions and millions of dollars of lending coming through. We can take a quarter second look to know if you are getting a good deal on interest rates and other incentives. We are a young talented company with a desire to negotiate on behalf of you, and our other happy clients to ensure you get the best rates possible.

When Martin Luther translated the bible from Latin to German, millions of people had their eyes opened and realised that priests had been hiding the truth and using it to hoard vast amounts of wealth for themselves. After launching the online Mortgage Snapshot. New Zealand’s response was simultaneously fast and massive. Within 12 months over 5,000 kiwi families had logged in and learned how much cash they could save and how to shave thousands of dollars off their mortgage.

Would you like to know how much you could borrow, what you could buy, what you could save in mortgage interest?

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