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After helping thousands of kiwis achieve great things through property, like building hugely profitable portfolios, or eradicating mortgage stress with a plan. We are confident in our care and our advice, a part of this is a structured approach we follow. This ensures we discover everything we need about your situation to properly advise you. I know how valuable time with my family is too me. So I do not want to waste your time on our call.

To get a full picture of your situation you will need to complete an online application form. Which is available here.

This form is saved, allowing you to log back in at any time to update details. Using this app I can write a diary note and send your application directly to bankers at over 10 banks in New Zealand and over 10 non-bank lenders. So after doing this once, you will never have to do complete a manual application form!

As a thank you for filling out the application form. 

I will get one of my team to prepare you a detailed borrowing power summary! This is a hugely helpful spreadsheet – that will nicely display a lot of options for you. It is one of my favourite personal tools, and I will run you through it in detail on our phone call.

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