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Lowest interest rates in history

Wow. We are now seeing the lowest mortgage interest rates in New Zealand history. We are seeing extremely low rates with ‘advertised rates’ as low as 3.55%. 

If you’ve been waiting for your mortgage payment to come down before purchasing a home. This is good news for you. New mortgages are getting fantastic rates – it could be a great opportunity to step onto the property ladder.

At we are experts at mortgage structure and rate negotiation. You can get a fantastic result and guidance by using one of our skilled team. is a four-year-old company based in Half Moon Bay in Auckland. There is a team of 20+ people to look after you, including a settlement, servicing and advice team.

Are you looking to work with the best mortgage broker in the country? At we are very proud to have two of the best mortgage brokers in the country here, Blandon (ranked number 4). Ranked by NZ Adviser – our industry organisation. 

To take advantage of the low-interest rates, get in touch today. Start the conversation by:

Meet iRefi Limited. was founded in 2015, to provide high-quality mortgage advice enabling kiwis to save money on their mortgage and position themselves for wealth growth via property. It is a privately owned Limited Liability company with three shareholders and 20+ staff. Blandon Leung is the senior adviser, a top 10 mortgage adviser in New Zealand as judged by industry body, NZ Adviser. You can see the whole team here.

iRefi Limited is a registered financial services provider (FSP463846).

Address: 1 Ara-Tai Road, Half Moon Bay, Auckland, 2012.

Fees & Lenders

Typically our service is free to you, as we get paid by the bank. We are accredited to work with almost all banks in NZ (the Aussie and Kiwi owned ones) including some Chinese banks too. We also work with many non-bank lenders. 

If your situation requires a non-bank lender, there will be a fee that is payable by you. This is sometimes capitalised into your mortgage avoiding any upfront cash costs. We are accredited to work with non-bank lenders including; Liberty Finance, Cressida Capital, Bluestone Mortgages, First Mortgage Trust, Basecorp Finance, Avanti Finance, Resimac Home Loans, Merchant Banking Group, NZCU, Southern Cross Partners and more.