Smart people, got that way by learning.
Read the book. Become knowledgable.

Want to make money out of property?

One of the major differences separating the wealthiest 20% of kiwis from the bottom 60%. Is that the rich understand the power of property investments. A full 30% of them own property other than their home! Whereas the 60% least wealthy… only 7% of them are investing in property other than their home.

But. You can lose money investing in real estate.

If your daddy set you up with a trust fund, it is not too big a deal if you lose money on your first investment or two as you figure things out.

Did your parents give you a slush fund?
Mine didn’t. So we need to get it right. First time.

At iRefi our Advisers are working with property, banks, mortgages and millions of dollars of lending. It is our 9-5, we do it everyday.

We help people just like you get it right the first time.

How am I certain we help people just like you? Because we’ve helped 1000s of kiwis… And although your situation is unique, it will have similarities to others.

As we help kiwis, we develop tools.

You can have powerful spreadsheets. You can have yield calculators. You can have portfolio planning tools.

Dream bigger. iRefi will get you there.

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