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You can use our fully online mortgage application process. If you take 8 minutes out to fill out your profile, we will prepare you a borrowing power spreadsheet which is an exhaustive analysis of your income, expenses, borrowing power.

After filling out your profile three great things will happen to you:
1. an experienced iRefi adviser will look through your details as soon as you complete them
2. you will get to read through the summaries they prepare for you and know all of your options
3. later if you want to go ahead and get a new mortgage, or tweak your current mortgage. You won’t have to fill out paperwork, our processes mean we can take your online app and send it straight to the bank.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Cast your mind back to 2015, same-sex marriage was getting legalised in America, Tesla unveiled it’s power wall batteries, Apple launched the Apple watch, the All Blacks were busy destroying Australia to become the first nation ever to retain the Rugby World Cup. Andrew and Blandon were drinking coffee in an Auckland cafe…

Discussing the common problems in the property market:

  • banks do not always offer their best interest rates right off the bat.
  • if you can’t get approved at your bank, many people think they can’t get approved at any bank.
  • mortgage applications are horrible time-consuming forms

If you miss out on good interest rates and cash back – loyal bank clients are getting punished and end up missing out on savings that can be worth thousands of dollars just from interest – let alone the lost opportunities that more cash could make available. They knew they had to do something about it. This is how the Mortgage Snapshot started.

When Martin Luther translated the bible from Latin to German, millions of people had their eyes opened and realised that priests had been hiding the truth and using it to hoard vast amounts of wealth for themselves. After launching the online Mortgage Snapshot. New Zealand’s response was simultaneously fast and massive. Within 12 months over 5,000 kiwi families had logged in and learned how much cash they could save and how to shave thousands of dollars off their mortgage.

Would you like to know how much you could save? Take the snapshot and join the 10s of thousands of other Kiwis.