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Mortgage Minute – Guarantors

TRANSCRIPTION Mortgage Guarantors – who, what, when & how. If you’re looking to get a mortgage and your mom and dad are going to help you, you’re probably going to get poached for what’s called a guarantor situation where mom and dad or friends and family come in and set their names effectively on the… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – non bank lenders

TRANSCRIPTION Mortgages with non-bank lenders If you’re looking for a mortgage without income proof, or your financials don’t show that you’ve had strong income for a long period of time, maybe you’ve started a new business or you’ve switched businesses, what you’re probably going to need to use is a…it’s called a non-bank, or a… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – Buying your First Home

TRANSCRIPTION Buying your first home If you’re looking to get a mortgage and you don’t have savings, you’re looking to buy your first property, what you’re probably going to have to do is use a combination of your KiwiSaver and whether you can get a gift from friends or family, there’s a lot of people… Read more »

10 steps to help you navigate the home buying process

When buying your first home, you’re often bombarded with opinions from friends and family who’ve done it before. They’ve added small amounts to your knowledge base, but we find our clients are often left with a wide range of questions and not nearly enough context to confidently approach the home-buying process. We’ve put together an… Read more »

How does the size of your deposit affect how much you can borrow?

Once you have a clear indication as to how much you’re able to pull together as a deposit, it’s time to start figuring out how much you’ll be able to borrow from the bank. Loan to Value ratios (LVRs) limit what the banks are able to lend toward the purchase of a home, and work… Read more »

Should I buy a house or keep renting?

Many New Zealanders think buying a home is part of living the Kiwi dream. It’s a measure of financial success, along with owning the Bach, Boat, Beamer and the BBQ. However, it’s very important to reflect on whether owning your own home is the right move, or if you’re actually better off renting. The dream… Read more »

6 Steps to building a deposit for your first home

Great, so you’ve made the decision that property ownership is right for you. So, what’s next? In order to get a mortgage from the bank, you’re going to need to have some skin in the game. Your deposit refers to the amount of your own money you’ll be contributing toward the purchase of your first… Read more »