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Jones on Property (1977) by Sir Bob Jones

TLDR – should you read this book? No, but I loved it. If you want to get into commercial or industrial investing it’s worth picking up. If you’re a residential property investor, looking for hacks or tricks from near billionaire Sir Bob Jones, this book is not the magic pill to help you on that… Read more »

Book Club – The Barefoot Investor

TRANSCRIPTION Now, we’re going to have a quick look at one of my favorite books on the subject of debt and how to get some financial freedom. And it’s actually written by an Australian guy, The Barefoot Investor. It’s pretty popular. It, at least, has sold a couple of hundred thousand copies in Aussie. And… Read more »

Book Club – Property 101

 Property 101: A Guide to Investing in New Zealand with a Focus on Auckland. By Mathew Gilligan TRANSCRIPTION Let’s have a quick look at what my favorite property investment book in New Zealand is. It’s Property 101. It’s written by one of the owners of GRA, Matthew Gilligan. Their firm’s got over 5,000 clients,… Read more »

Book Club – Rich Dad, Poor Dad

TRANSCRIPTION Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. A book review and summary. So today, we’re going to have a quick look at the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s an incredibly famous book and it’s always top of the charts on Amazon when it comes to personal development and building wealth and it’s a… Read more »

Book Review: 20 Rental Properties in One Year, by Graeme Fowler

Having bought and sold hundreds of properties, it is clear that Graeme knows what he is talking about with property investing. In this book (he has written a few) Graeme treats us to the simplicity and effectiveness of his investing style when he is looking to buy and hold instead of trading or flipping. Not including… Read more »