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Jones on Property (1977) by Sir Bob Jones

TLDR – should you read this book? No, but I loved it. If you want to get into commercial or industrial investing it’s worth picking up. If you’re a residential property investor, looking for hacks or tricks from near billionaire Sir Bob Jones, this book is not the magic pill to help you on that… Read more »

iRefi Insider School – The Mindset Shift you need

TRANSCRIPTION Okay. So today we’re going to talk about what I think is the most important thing for successful property investing. So I probably have spoken to well over 1500 property investors in the last 3 years in detail, and the thing that I constantly pick up from the people that are doing quite well… Read more »

iRefi Insider School – The Biggest Risk Facing Investors Today

TRANSCRIPTION The least sexy thing about property investing is probably one of the most important. Couple of friends and I were having a chat after one of my good friends got married on the weekend. And they both own property and they’ll ask me, “Hey, what’s sort of biggest risk you see at the moment… Read more »

iRefi Insider School – Utilising an Offset Mortgage

TRANSCRIPTION Let’s have a quick look at offset mortgages. So, with a normal mortgage, what you’re doing is paying interest on the whole loan amount. So, let’s say that you’ve got 500K of mortgage and what you’ve got is 200K of savings. So, this is your loan amount, this is how much you’ve got in… Read more »

How Professional Investors do Due Diligence on Property Deals

TRANSCRIPTION Due Diligence Clauses for Real Estate You might have heard people talk about due diligence when they’re trying to sound smart about like assisting a deal. “Hey, I need to do my due diligence.” But let’s dive into what does that actually mean in a property context. So, if you want to get a… Read more »

Mortgage Tips for Self Employed

TRANSCRIPTION How to get a mortgage with a main bank if you are self-employed Some people think, “Hey, I’m self-employed. It’s really hard for me to get a mortgage.” Well, it’s actually not. There’s a lot of small businesses in New Zealand. You know, New Zealand is made up of small business owners and it… Read more »

LVR mortgage rules for property investors

TRANSCRIPTION LVR Rules and LVR Restrictions One of the most common questions we get is trying to understand what the LVR and what LVR restrictions are and your usable equity. So, what is LVR? Well, it’s a Loan-to-Valuation Ratio. So, it sounds confusing, but basically, it’s the amount of loan you have on the value… Read more »

Book Review: 20 Rental Properties in One Year, by Graeme Fowler

Having bought and sold hundreds of properties, it is clear that Graeme knows what he is talking about with property investing. In this book (he has written a few) Graeme treats us to the simplicity and effectiveness of his investing style when he is looking to buy and hold instead of trading or flipping. Not including… Read more »