Author: Andrew Malcolm

Book Club – The Barefoot Investor

TRANSCRIPTION Now, we’re going to have a quick look at one of my favorite books on the subject of debt and how to get some financial freedom. And it’s actually written by an Australian guy, The Barefoot Investor. It’s pretty popular. It, at least, has sold a couple of hundred thousand copies in Aussie. And… Read more »

Book Club – Property 101

 Property 101: A Guide to Investing in New Zealand with a Focus on Auckland. By Mathew Gilligan TRANSCRIPTION Let’s have a quick look at what my favorite property investment book in New Zealand is. It’s Property 101. It’s written by one of the owners of GRA, Matthew Gilligan. Their firm’s got over 5,000 clients,… Read more »

iRefi Insider School – Exit Strategies

TRANSCRIPTION Property investors should sell sometimes. You need an exit strategy. Maybe you’ve been building up your portfolio for 10, 20, 30 years even, and you feel like you’re starting to get some real good traction on building up a base of cash flow producing properties. But what you might still be feeling, even though… Read more »

iRefi Insider School – Mindset

TRANSCRIPTION The Mindset for Building an Investment Property Portfolio Okay. So today we’re going to talk about what I think is the most important thing for successful property investing. So I probably have spoken to well over 1500 property investors in the last 3 years in detail, and the thing that I constantly pick up… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – Making Mortgage Interest Tax Deductible

TRANSCRIPTION Is Mortgage Interest Tax Deductible? AGenerally speaking, only if they’re investment properties and only if it’s set up properly. Probably, in most cases, you’ll be using a property accountant to really make sure that you’re taking advantage of it. So, you won’t get the tax advantages on your family home, but you will get… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – Guarantors

TRANSCRIPTION Mortgage Guarantors – who, what, when & how. If you’re looking to get a mortgage and your mom and dad are going to help you, you’re probably going to get poached for what’s called a guarantor situation where mom and dad or friends and family come in and set their names effectively on the… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – Why Interest Only Loans

TRANSCRIPTION Why use an interest only mortgage Looking at interest only loans and why people do it, well, one of the main reasons is property investors are not always focused on paying down debt on all of their properties. They want to focus on just one property at a time. Usually, the property that’s going… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – non bank lenders

TRANSCRIPTION Mortgages with non-bank lenders If you’re looking for a mortgage without income proof, or your financials don’t show that you’ve had strong income for a long period of time, maybe you’ve started a new business or you’ve switched businesses, what you’re probably going to need to use is a…it’s called a non-bank, or a… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – Cross Securitisation

 TRANSCRIPTION Mortgage Cross Securitisation If you heard the term cross-security, or cross-collateral, or cross-securitization, what it generally implies is that you’ve got multiple access to three, or four, or five, six properties. And what the bank has done is combine them into a package and they’re treating your loan as one loan against a… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – Capital Gains

TRANSCRIPTION Capital gains. When you’re talking about property prices, a lot of people are referring to what the property prices have done in the past, and what are they going to do in the future. And capital gains refers to the increase in the value of the property over time and their predicted increase in… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – LTC

TRANSCRIPTION LTC’s in 60 seconds Property investors often use an LTC, which is officially know as a Look Through Company. Why? well, there are a couple of different reasons. Firstly, you want to be looking at your TAX advantages, especially if you’re using negative gearing or you’ve got multiple properties in the mix, you want… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – Buying your First Home

TRANSCRIPTION Buying your first home If you’re looking to get a mortgage and you don’t have savings, you’re looking to buy your first property, what you’re probably going to have to do is use a combination of your KiwiSaver and whether you can get a gift from friends or family, there’s a lot of people… Read more »

Mortgage Minute – Broker Fees

TRANSCRIPTION Can mortgage brokers charge a fee? Well, the short answer is yes, they can. They can charge you whatever you’re willing to pay but in most instances, a mortgage advisor, especially like at iRefi, will be free and where you will get charged is in your admin fees by the bank, which is pretty… Read more »

Book Club – Rich Dad, Poor Dad

TRANSCRIPTION Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. A book review and summary. So today, we’re going to have a quick look at the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s an incredibly famous book and it’s always top of the charts on Amazon when it comes to personal development and building wealth and it’s a… Read more »

iRefi Insider School – Interest Rates

  Let’s talk about mortgage interest rates.   So, maybe your refix is coming up, or you’re going to buy a new property, or you’re keen to see what the interest rates are for mortgages at the moment. Well, what you got to understand is the rates that are on, or Mortgage rates, or… Read more »

iRefi Insider School – Investing with Family Friends

TRANSCRIPTION Buying property with family and friends If you’d like to keep investing in more property and you’re thinking you might want to do it with another person or a few other people because your income’s capped or you’d like a bit of help, you want to branch out of just investing on your own,… Read more »

iRefi Insider School – Interest Only Lending

TRANSCRIPTION Interest-only mortgages for investment properties So let’s talk about interest-only lending. Now, generally speaking, interest-only lending is for investment properties. In New Zealand, most banks are not that keen on lending for your family home on interest only. So what interest-only is, is, let’s say, you have a million dollar mortgage, your interest rate… Read more »